Nebraska's Premiere A Cappella Chorus


Tickets are now available for our "Go for the Gold" Swedish Invasion Concert

Come hear the Pathfinder Chorus and the 2012 International Champion quartet Ringmasters at Westside High School in Omaha. Order your tickets for the 13 Jun 2014 concert online on the secure tickets page.


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2013 Toronto Presentation - Renewed Hope Within Your Chapter

On 6 Jul 2013 the Pathfinder Chorus presented a class in Toronto sponsored by the BHS Harmony University in order to share our processes and transformation from a decent BHS District Chorus to an International Competitor. Here is the text of Renewed Hope Within Your Chapter (PDF) for all to read and share.


We invite one and all, particularly men of good character who love to sing, to visit us any Monday night from 7-10 p.m. at First Presbyterian Church, West Linden and Nye Avenue, Fremont, Nebraska. Experience first-hand why 100+ men from a 20,000 square mile area love to sing with our fast-growing world-ranked chorus.

2013 Central States District AAA Chorus Champion
2013 10th Place International Chorus Finalist
2012 Central States District AAA Chorus Champion
2012 11th Place International Chorus Finalist
2011 CSD Most Improved AAA Chorus
2011 12th Place International Chorus Finalist
2010 Central States District Chorus Champion
2010 20th Place International Chorus Finalist

Pathfinders - 10th Place International Finalists
Fall District Contest - Kansas City 2013 - Photo by LifeTouch. Copyright release on file.
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To contact the Pathfinders, please send an email to . For more information on Membership, please send an email to .

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