The Fremont Pathfinder Chorus

It is a pleasure having you visit us and browse through our web pages describing our organizational structure, District and International activities, program offerings, service opportunities and much more. As you will see in your e-travels, our web site is always a work in progress, so please be sure to come back often for an update.

We are the Fremont, Nebraska Chapter in the Central States District of The Barbershop Harmony Society. Our name comes from a famous explorer of the western United States, John C. Fremont, for whom our community is named. The Pathfinder Chorus, under the direction of P.D. "Pete" Stibor, has entertained audiences throughout the Midwest and has competed in the Central States District Chorus Contest since the chorus was organized. Our chapter is made up of over 100 men from more than a 20,000 square-mile area surrounding the greater Fremont metropolitian area. Founded in 1972, the chapter has adopted an enthusiastic program that includes music education, participation in Society Competitions, youth outreach, and service to the community. In addition we perform at our annual show and various concerts throughout the year and share the pleasure of barbershop harmony while performing for our communities in a variety of formats. We are happy to say that we are the top-ranked men's barbershop chorus in Nebraska.


2013 Toronto Presentation - Renewed Hope Within Your Chapter

On 6 Jul 2013 the Pathfinder Chorus presented a class in Toronto sponsored by the BHS Harmony University in order to share our processes and transformation from a decent BHS District Chorus to an International Competitor. Here is the text of Renewed Hope Within Your Chapter (PDF) for all to read and share.

Barbershoppers of the Year

The strength of any chapter is measured by the men within, here, presented for all to see, are the men who have contributed well above and beyond the standard over the years to represent the mighty Pathfinder Chorus

1981 - David Pinkall
1982 - Winston Rashleigh
1983 - P.D. Stibor
1984 - Gene Gnuse
1985 - Oren Paulson
1986 - Jerry Leslie
1987 - Gary Bobbitt
1988 - Ed Howard
1989 - Dr. Bill Pugsley
1990 - Ray Meister
1991 - Dennis Paulsen
1992 - Cal Fuehrer
1993 - Robert Dobson
1994 - Nick Janssen
1995 - Bob Fink
1996 - Dennis Whittuhn
1997 - Gregory Johnson
1998 - Greg Jones
1999 - Jim Lindgren
2000 - Larry Monson
2001 - Randy Sanders
2002 - Rod Denison
2003 - Orlando Mueller
2004 - Ken Kespohl
2005 - Ed Thilliander
2006 - Larry Rinas
2007 - Ray Brown
2008 - Bill Lamme
2009 - Andy Pinkall
2010 - Phill Fitzpatrick
2011 - Steve Barr
2012 - Ken Gaskin
2013 - Michael Petry
2014 - David Adler
2015 - Mark Erikson
2016 - Steve Slykhuis
2017 - Aaron Smith

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A Pathfinder Christmas CD
A Pathfinder Christmas